Saleh-Houthi snipers killed 32 children in Taiz in 2016-2017

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Snipers of the Saleh-Houthi militias shot dead 32 children in Taiz in 2016 and 2017, GhamdanAlyosofi, a Yemeni activist and journalist told a seminar in the HRC in Geneva on Tuesday.

He said that murder by sniping in Yemen began inMay 2011 when the snipers of then sittingdictator Ali Abdullah Salehgunned down 53 peaceful protesters one Friday noon as they rallied to demand his resignation.

Alyosofi said Taiz city is still under siege and civilians get killed by the militiaseveryday in different ways.

Alyosofi said if the people killed and injured by the Saleh-Houthi snipers in urban Taiz and rural Taiz too and in all the years of the conflict are counted, that would add up to a very big number of casualties.



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