Our war with militias for guarding great revolutions’ goals, PM says

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Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr said, “our war with the [Saleh-Houthi] militias is for the sake of guarding the noble goals of the great revolutions of 26th September and 14th October; to get Yemen out of illiteracy, backwardness and colonization to the era of knowledge, freedom and democracy.

Bin-Daghr made the remarks during a visit on Wednesday to the Military Axis barracks of al-Gheidha, Mahrah in southeastern Yemen.

“Our people from all over the country have rushed to the defense of the state, rejecting the Saleh-Houthi coup d’état against the Republic and the unity on 21stSeptember 2014. That day will remain a shameful day on the front of Saleh and Al-Houthi.”

The premier thanked the soldiers and the Arab coalition for their sacrifices to restore Yemeni state and retake the Yemeni territories back from the coup militias.


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