Jubari,SSC discuss military situation in Taiz

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September Net.

The Deputy Prime Minister held a meeting on Wednesday with the members of supreme Security Committee in Taiz, discussing the security conditions and the process of liberating the remaining areas in the province.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Abdul-Aziz Jubari, discussed with the committee the military and security conditions in the city, the process of liberating the remaining areas controlled by coup militias and breaking the unjust siege imposed on Taiz, with a view to restoring normalcy and ease the suffering of citizens.

Jubari, pointed out that the massacres committed by militia rebels against the citizens of Taiz reflects their hatred to the national project carried by Taiz and their failure to occupy the city as well as their worthless attempts to bring citizens to their knees.

Jubari emphasized the need to combine efforts to restore the security situation and eliminate the imbalances and problems in the city, confirming the support of political leadership and its determination to complete the liberation process and solve the problems of citizens.

The meeting was attended by Commander of Taiz Axis, Gen. Khalid Fadhel, Chiefs of Police, Intelligence, Criminal Investigation and senior local leaders.



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