Yemen celebrates the 55th anniversary of 26 Sep. Revolution

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September Net.

The Local Authority in Mareb held on Tuesday a festival commemorating the 55th anniversary of the 26th of September Revolution.

In the ceremony attended by Chief of Military Staff Brigadier General Taher al-Uqaili, the Governor of Mareb Sultan al-Aradah delivered a speech in which he reviewed modern values of the two revolutions of September and October as they represented pride and victory for Yemeni people.

He noted to Houthi-Saleh’s setback on the 21 of September 2014 and how Houthi-Saleh’s coup tore apart the Yemeni social fabric in an attempt to restore the Imamate Rule to Yemen and colonizing Iranian experiment by implementing Mullahs Regimes.

Such moves are totally rejected by the Yemeni free people, said al-Arada.


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