Militias’ supervisor killed in an ambush in Al-Bayda

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Field leader in the ranks of Houthi-Saleh militia was killed on Saturday in an ambush carried out by the Popular Resistance (PR) fighters in Al-Soma’ah district of Al-Bayda province.

The Resistance confirmed that the militia supervisor named Abu Abed was killed in Sharedah site in Thi Mudahi of al-Soma’ah.

Abu Abed was appointed by militia rebels instead of Abu Serag, the previous supervisor, who was killed too in the same district.

Meanwhile, the heroes of PR in the same province successfully infiltrated into the positions of militias in Al-Soma’ah district and planted a landmine that destroyed military patrol carrying several militias on board, many killed and injured.

Last week, another eight militias were killed and many others injured in several ambushes waged by the Resistance too.



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