National Army continues to advance liberating more areas northern AlJawf

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The National Army Forces have continued to advance steadily, liberating new areas from the militias in north Al-Jawf province, Col. Mohamed Saleh Rasiah told September Net on Saturday.

The army forces in the 1st Border Guards Brigade have been achieving a quality progress and have completed cleansing al-GhareMain camp and the regions of al-Agasher and al-Ramlah in the north of Khab Alsha’af district, Col. Rasiah said.

“What the 1st Border Guards Brigade have succeeded in achieving is something heroic,”

Regarding the significance of liberating and controlling over these terrotories, he said “we are able now to open a new warfront that would close in on coup militias, it would be nearer to Buqa’s front and national army would approach the international line linked Sada’a and Al-Jawf with Saudi Arabia”.

Rasiah pointed out that Saudi-led Arab Coalition had successfully targeted militias reinforcements in al-Yatamah and dstroyed ammunition store in al-Akabah front.

The National Army Forces is resolved and determined to complete liberating the remaining areas under militia control in the province, he added.



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