Taiz.. Houthi militias committed 1180 HR abuses in al-Shuqb area

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More than 10,000 people have been suffering from extremely fragile humanitarian situation in al-Shuqb region belongs to Saber Mountain directorate in Taiz province, a rights report has revealed.
The report, issued by Human Rights Development Monitoring Commission in the region, said that the Houthi-Saleh militias have committed 1180 Human Rights abuses against civilians between the period Sep. 2015 – Sep. 2017, including killing, kidnapping, torture, displacement families and blocking deliveries of foodstuffs to the region that they besiege.

It said that Houthi-Saleh militias’ bombing and landmines have killed 36 civilians among them 4 children, 3 women, and have wounded 133 others, 27 children, 25 women, 80 men, in addition to 3 others women and 4 men whose limbs were amputated.
“the total number of kidnapping civilians were 27 cases, 2 partisan, 6 teachers, 15 local workers and 2 farmers”. The report monitored “three teachers who were tortured by the militia through using fire to burn their faces and bodies, and shooting live bullets inside the cell which resulted in psychiatric conditions for two of them and the third become paralyzed”.

Meantime, the militias have destroyed completely 16 houses of civilians and 213 others partially. One house was detonated by IED, 16 water reservoirs and 250 farms have also being damaged.
The report confirmed that militias have fired 362 katyusha rockets and 1856 mortar missiles into the residential houses in the district until July 2017. While 12 more rockets and 18 shells were fired during August and September 2017, which resulted in killing and wounding tens of civilians as well as destroying damaging houses.
The militias are laying a tightened siege on the district blocking access to humanitarian aid relief and civil organizations, which aggravate the suffering of ten thousand people who are in a dire need, said the report.


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