National Army liberates new positions western AlJawf

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The National Army Forces have made significant progress on Monday by retaking control over new sites in al-Masloob district western AlJawf.

Spokesman of Sixth Military Region told September Net that the army forces have fully liberated two key locations in al-Sakeyah front after a qualitative military operation carried out against the Houthi-Saleh militias positions in the district.

He added that the army troops seized military equipment and weapons belonged to the militias who suffered dozens killed and injured in their ranks after clashes with the army.

The recaptured sites are located in Kuwaihesh valley, al-Sakeyah front western al-Masloob.

Arab Coalition Fighters launched five air raids targeted positions of militias and their reinforcements on their way to the district, he said.

The spokesman confirmed that tens of Houthi-Saleh militias have been killed and injured in the army’s operation.

Last Saturday, the national army forces have recaptured control over the GhareMain camp and the regions of al-Agasher and al-Ramlah in the north of Khab Alsha’af.



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