Fath denounces Houthi militias’ aggression against relief organizations

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Minister of Local Authority and the Head of the Supreme Relief Committee AbdulraqeebFath expressed denouncement over Houthi-Saleh militias’ aggression against relief and humanitarian organizations.

He strongly condemned open fire on the International Medical Organization’s team western Ibb on Wednesday while carrying out one of relief projects in the area, confirming that this act is contrary to international laws regulating relief and humanitarian activities.

Fath demanded the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen Jamie McGoldrick to denounce this criminal act, hold the rebel militias responsibility on these violations and inform the UN on these practices.

He also called the UN official to hold the militias full accountability on the safety and security of workers in relief and humanitarian fields and hindering the humanitarian efforts.

He stressed that the international community should press the rebel militias to stop interferencesin activities of the relief and humanitarian organizations, noting that the government is coordinating with all donors to provide aid to all provinces


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