Two rebels killed in Albaydah, aircrafts destroy vehicles in AlJawf

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Two Houthi-Saleh militias were killed and others were injured in clashes with the national army in Albaydah province on Friday.

A military source said the clashes erupted after the militia broke the truce in Wadi al-Tawilah, pointing out that the militia were gathering with vehicles at border of the area to attack army positions.

Separately, coalition aircrafts destroyed Friday a military vehicle for the militias in the district al-Masloob of AlJawf province, military official said.

He added that heavy confrontations renewed in the district, which the army in control of most terrotories, with all kind of weapons.

September Net reporter said the army manged to inflicte the militias painful blows in bodies and military supplies over past weeks, pointing out that the army captured a number of militia fighters.



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