HRITC denounces militias’ carnage against teacher’s family in Taiz

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Human Rights Information and Training Center has denounced the massacre committed by Houthi-Saleh’s militias against the family of teacher Taha Fare’ on Friday.

The center documented that Houthi militias stormed the house of the member of Yemeni Teacher Syndicate Fare’ on Friday at Abadan village, Saber District, South-East Taiz searching for him and when they did not find him, they executed his wife, child and brother in unprecedented terrorist crime.

The center called upon the International Community to shoulder responsibility over systematic war crimes committed by Houthi-Saleh’s militias, especially in Taiz, where Houthi crimes do not face real deterrence or any international defacto action resembles the size of the continuous violations.

The center appealed to the UN Human Rights High Commission to deal seriously with such horrible and unprecedented crime.


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