8 militias killed, injured in clashes with NA north Aldhale province

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On Tuesday morning, eight Houthi militias were killed and injured in violent confrontations with national army in Muris front north Aldhale province.

Military source told September Net that fierce battles have been broken out between army forces and coup militias in different battlefronts of Muris district, leaving five deaths and three wounded in the ranks of rebels, while two soldiers were martyred.

The source pointed out that the fighting broke out after failed infiltration attempt by militia elements into the sites of national army in Yais axis of Aldhale province, but were beaten and forced to back.

Meanwhile, the army forces stationed in Yais launched today heavy artillery shelling on militias’ sites in Nasah, Altehami mountains and Alarfaf area southern Demt district.

Notably, Houthi rebels continued shelling populated villages of Muris district resulting in serious damages in properties.



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