Militias block relief trucks from reaching Taiz

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The humanitarian situations in Taiz has become devastating as a result of the 3-year-long blockade imposed by rebels on the province.

Yemen’s Minister of Local Administration and the Chairman of the Higher Committee for Relief Abdul-Raqib Saif Fath has strongly condemned the Houthi-Saleh militias’ confiscating of 10 trucks loaded with humanitarian relief and aid assistances traveling to Taiz from port city of Hodeidah.

Fath has called on “The Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen and World Food Program to intervene immediately and put pressure on the coup militias to release the relief trucks that are allocated to western coastal Directorates in the province”.

He renewed his call to UN organizations to “take the safely Aden-Taiz road instead of those under militia control in order to ensure delivery of aid assistances and to avoid being looted and held by rebels”.

He also requested the WFP and international community to condemn the coup militias violations blocking humanitarian relief assistance, expressing his deep regret over international silence on such confiscations by militias, most of blocked relief deliverd by UN Orgs.



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