PM inspects Hazm Brigade in Lahj

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September Net.

Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin-Daghr on Thursday visited Third Brigade ‘Hazm’ in Lahj province on the nearing occasion of Yemen’s celebrations on 14th October Revolution.

He said in a speech: “this visit comes in implementation of President Abdu Rabo Mansour Hadi’s orders on  this great day [referring to 14th October Revolution in 1936 ] in which Yemeni heroes defeated the Occupation and brought back dignity to people”.

“Today, Yemen is achieving a new victories against Houthi-Saleh coup militias who plan to restore Era of backwardness and darkness,but heroes in battlefields like you, soldiers, are teaching them lessons in sacrifices”.

Bin-Daghr pointed out that Iranian proxy[Houthi-Saleh militias] is being defeated every day by Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and with active participation of UAE.

Commander of Hazm Brigade,in his part, thanked Bin-Daghr and accompanying delegation for visiting recruits on the Yemen’s National Days, Sep. Oct.and Nov.



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