Yemeni women in Taiz endured all forms of suffering, CS minister says

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September Net.

Dep. Premier and Minister of Civil Service Abdul-Aziz Jubari said that Yemeni women in Taiz and other provinces endured all forms of suffering for the sake of the nation.

Jubari who is heading a government mission to the province to oversee the re-normalization of life and resolving of the largely unpaid salaries of the public servicemen chaired a meeting of leading women figures there on Thursday.

“The women in Taiz endured the killing, besieging and all shapes and forms of agony for the loss of fathers, husbands, and whole family as a result of the war,” he said in the meeting.

“They did a pioneering and honoring job of providing food to the combatants and in treating the wounded [as doctors and nurses] in the hospitals.”

“Women’s pioneering role is still going on in the restoration of the state institutions,” he said.

He said that a greater role is awaiting women to play in the future “restoration of the whole country and the political life … and in the establishment of the federal Yemen that is designed to fulfill the aspirations of women.”

The chairman of the Supreme Relief Committee Abduraqeeb Fatah, an attendant of the meeting, called on the women movement leaders and actors formulate women and children service proposals and submit them to the government to see how to find finance for their implementation.

The meeting addressed ways to improve relief efforts and distribute the relief aid fairly while giving precedence to women who had lost their householders by killing or incapacitation.

The women activists gave an account of all their suffering and concerns including the hardship and costs of living in default of the basic services in the city.

They affirmed their support to the armed forces to liberate the rest of the city.


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