Taiz, ongoing clashes continue, militias bomb Thawra hospital

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A number of Houthi-Saleh coup militias had been killed and injured on Tuesday after they tried to sneak into the national army controlled- positions in different warfronts in the city of Taiz, southwest Yemen.

A military official told September Net that violent confrontations between the army and militias rebels took place in the city’s western, northern and eastern parts, resulting in significant losses in souls and equipment in the ranks of rebels.

Simultaneously, at least two civilian people were injured by coup militias’ shelling on General Thawra Hospital in downtown the city of Taiz on Tuesday.

Medical sources told September Net that a number of Howitzer rounds fired by militias landed in some of the hospital’s Departments, causing a major destruction to them.

“Mohamed Ali Jaradah, a citizen, and another employee, Abdulaziz al-Sabri, sustained injuries in the bombing too”, he added.

Notably, thousands of civilians in Taiz, third largest city, have been killed and wounded by daily indiscriminate rockets and shells fired by militias almost every day, in retaliation to their losses on ground by NA.

The militia insurgents have been also besieging the city for almost three years blocking relief and medical supplies from entering, which led to a devastating humanitarian crisis.



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