al-Jawf… National Army retake strategic areas in a new advance against militia

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The National Army Forces continue their military operations in Al-Jawf province, making a field progress and capturing strategic positions against Houthi-Saleh militias.

Commander of 1st Border Guards, Staff Brigadier Haikal Hantaf, told September Net that the national army manged to score qualitative advance along Yemen-Saudi international line, after fierce fighting with the coup militia in Khab Alsha’af district.

Hantaf added that the army troops of the Border Brigade have advanced 25 kilometers on Monday, following taking control over the strategic position of al-Qafal, north western al-GhareMail.

He affirmed that the militia had retreated to al-Yatamah area after tens of their militants were killed and injured during clashes, pointing out that the demining teams are clearing the captured areas from the landmines planted by rebels before the army retook them.

He stressed that the Border Guards Brigade is determined and prepared to complete the liberation of al-Yatamah and al-Ahshar, where Houthi-Saleh militia are still based now.



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