Sadaa.. army forces keep advancing amid fatal losses on militias

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The Houthi-Saleh militia have suffered heavy losses of life and equipment during Friday clashes and airstrikes eastern the governorate of Sadaa.

Fierce fighting has taken place between the National Army and coup militia in Amood al-Sahari, resulted in a number of deaths and injuries in militia ranks.

September Net reporter said that the army troops in Sadaa Military Axis have made a new advance today, intersecting with the army troops in al-Jawf Axis at the joint deserts of the two provinces.

He further said that the army forces are laying a tightened siege currently on the pockets of militia at al-Khaleqa Mount, adding that the artillery forces of the army bombed and destroyed weapons depot of rebels near Buqa market.

Meanwhile, a number of Houthi-Saleh putschists have been killed and wounded when the aircraft of Arab Coalition pounded their equipment and rally while on their way to the warfronts beyond Buqa market.

The coalition raids destroyed also a vehicle carrying a number of militia, killing all militants on board.

Simultaneously, the Arab Coalition Apaches had targeted two vehicles for the coup rebels at the back of al-Khaleqa area, killing and wounding a number of them.



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