Chief of Staff meets his counterparts of Arab Coalition

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Chief of Staff Maj. General Tahir Al-Oqaili met Monday with a number of chiefs of staff who attended the gathering of foreign ministers and chief of staff of the Arab Coalition that aims to restore legality in Yemen.

Al-Oqaili’s talks with his counterparts aimed to brief them on the latest developments in the field-battles in different front-lines.

In his meeting with the Saudi chief of staff, Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Abdulrahman Al-Bunian, he hailed Saudi Arabia Kingdom’s unwavering support to Yemen and armed forces- in particular.

Gen. Al-Oqaili also met with the chiefs of staff of the United Arab Emirates’ armed forces, (Lt Gen) Hamad Aromaithi, the Jordanian chief of staff (Lt Gen) Muhmood Frhan and Pakistani chief of staff (Lt Gen) Bilal Aqber.

He exchanged views with each of them, highlighting Yemeni troops need for more training.


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