18 Militias militants killed in al-Baydah battles

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Nineteen of Houthi-Saleh militias elements were killed in battles fought Saturday in al-Zaher of the central province al-Baydah.

Field commander Jabr Ali Abdullah al-Saedi affiliated to Houthi-Saleh militias and 17 of his companions were killed Saturday as they attempted to carry out raid against the Resistance fighters’ positions in al-Habaj and scattered areas in al-Zaher district, according to military sources.

The sources added that the resistance fighters fought fierce battles with the militias who failed in their attack and was strongly beaten, pointing that the body of al-Saedi, who was a staff Brigadier in what was formally known as Republican Guards, and six of his companions are reserved by the resistance, while the rest bodies of militias still scattered at the battlefields and haven’t been recovered yet.

Meanwhile, Coalition aircraft launched air raids targeted the rebel militias in al-Jamajem area, resulting in the destruction of tank along with its crew.

In the past two days, field leader, Ali Mohamed al-Muhatwari, affiliated to Houthi-Saleh coup putschists and nine of his escorts were also killed in battles took place in Dhi Naem district of the al-Baydah.

Houthi-Saleh insurgents have been shelling the residential areas and neighborhoods deliberately and indiscriminately in Dhi Naem district with heavy tank and artillery rounds, according to local sources.



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