VP: accolades commanders of Coalition Forces

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Vice President Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Ali Mohssen Saleh bade farewell Sunday to commanders of Coalition Forces in Marib province, at the same time he welcomed the comers.

He gave word in which he gave high praise to the significant efforts made by former commanders of Coalition Forces in Marib province.

The vice president highly praised the Saudi-led coalition’s support to Yemen’s legal government, deeply appreciating the coalition member state’s military, political and economic assistance.

(Lt Gen) Mohssen said:” We would never forget the sacrifices in blood and treasures extended by our brethren in Saudi Arabia Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Bahrain, Morocco and all coalition member states”.

He went on saying:” we also will never forget the great effort has been made by the coalition member states in a bid to neutralize the Iranian influence in the Republic of Yemen where Iran-backed militias have restrained Yemenis’ freedom and damaged national social fabric by promoting sectarian-oriented discourse and propaganda”.

The vice president awarded the former commanders of Coalition Forces in in Marib province certificates in recognition of their good achievements during their mission.

He honored brigadier general Ebrahim bin Ali Al-Harbi, former commander of Coalition Forces in Marib, and brigadier general Mohammed Abdullah Anaqbi, former commander of the United Arab Emirates.

Then he welcomed the brigadier general Ali Sayer Al-Anzi, commander of Coalition Forces in Marib and brigadier Saleh Sa’aeed Al-Alili, commanded of the United Arab Emirates armed forces.


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