VP inspects situations of Shabwah, training camps in Mareb

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Vice President Ali Mohsen inspected on Sunday latest developments and situations in Shabwa and efforts of finalizing liberation of the province from the militias.

In his meeting with Commander of AtakMilitary Command and the Commander of 30 infantry Brigade General Lieutenant Aziz Naser Salem, Mohsen was briefed on latest military developments in the province and efforts of security, military and local authority in realizing security and stability.

Mohsen stressed on doubling efforts, determination, keeping patience and working on securing people’s safety and protecting institutions and public bodies. He urged on mobilizing efforts of different components of the province for regaining the state and its institutions. He valued support provided by the countries of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition.

For his part Commander Salem confirmed readiness of the military and security units in realizing security and stability.

On the other hand, Vice President Mohsen paid field visits to a number of training and receiving camps here and inspected conditions of soldiers and their performance.

While he was briefed on accomplishment achieved by affiliates of these camps, he urged soldiers for more training to guarantee high competence in national army in warfronts against their enemy and protecting the homeland.


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