Army controls new areas in Taiz, militias shell civilians

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National Army forces stationed in Haifan area seized control on Monday of fresh military positions southeast Taiz, after fierce fighting with Houthi-Saleh militias.

Military sources told September  Net that army forces engaged in heavy confrontations with militias in Haifan district on Monday, pointing out that the army manged to take control over al-Nosairah and al-Shohoj locations at al-Swaleha mountain, southeast the city.

Seven more armed elements of Houthi-Saleh rebel militias were killed and others injured as they tried to launch attack on militray positions of the army in Maqbanah, western the city, according to the sources.

The National Army in Maqbanah fought fierce battles with Houthi-Saleh coup d’état putschists, killing seven members of the attackers and forcing the rest to flee and retreat, they added.

Meanwhile, in retaliation to their field defeats the rebel militias carried out artillery and rocket attacks on residential villages and populates area in Maqbanah, which led to one citizen martyred, and extensive damages to properties, local sources said.

On the level of violations, a child died on Monday out of injuries he sustained after being shot by snipers of Houthi-Saleh militias, west of the city.

“The kid, 16, Zakareyah Abdulhameed Mohamed, was shot in his spine by Houth-Saleh militias in Marba’ah area, northeastern Han mountain. He sustained deadly wounds and was admitted to hospital. Doctors said he would be living paralyzed, then he died today” residents told September Net.



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