Militias inflicted heavy casualties by NA western Taiz

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Ongoing clashes continued on Thursday between National Army forces and Houthi-Saleh coupists in Makbana front western Taiz governorate.

Military sources told September Net that fierce battles broke out after the coupists attempted to sneak into the positions of army forces in Makbana front, but were beaten and forced to flee after inflicted heavy losses in life and equipments.

In the same context, NA’s artillary launched heavy and precisely shelling on rallies and reinforcements belonging to the coup militias in Algesr Valley of Alakhlood area where the coupists suffered 3 killed and 12 others wounded as well as the army forces took over military patrol loaded with arms and destroyed another car full of weapons in its way to the coupists.

As for the neighbour front of Habashi mountain, fierce battles broke out between the army and the militias today after the latter launched unsuccessfull attack on the positions of the army, but the attack was repulsed and the attackers were forced to flee after inflicted heavy losses in life and supplies.



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