Cabinet says ending Taiz siege a priority

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In an exceptional meeting held in the temporary capital Aden on Monday, the Cabinet indicated that completing the liberation of the central Yemen city of Taiz from the Houthi-Saleh rebel militias and ending the siege the militias have been laying for three years around it is a priority.

The meeting chaired by Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr discussed the efforts in train to complete the liberation, re-normalize life and set off the reconstruction stage in the war-torn city.

The Cabinet affirmed its full support for the national army and popular resistance force to counter the years-long Houthi violations against the civilians of Taiz.

The Cabinet confirmed its previous allocation of YR 2 billion for the reconstruction of the city.

Separately also on Monday, bin-Daghr chaired a meeting for the local authority of Taiz and discussed the coordination toward fulfilling the goals of liberation, renormalization of life and beginning the reconstruction process.

The meeting also addressed the modality of expending the earmarked budget of YR 2 billion for reconstruction.
The meeting thanked the UAE for financing the rehabilitation of Mokhaa Power Plant to a capacity of 140 MWs.

Bin-Daghr thanked the people of Taiz for their sacrifices in countering the Houthi-Saleh rebel militias who otherwise would have advanced much forwardsaying the Taizis changed the historical trajectory of Yemen by the virtue of their resistance.


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