President Hadi consoles his Egyptian counterpart on the victims of terror attack on Mosque Sinia

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President Abd- Rabbu Mansour Hadi sent a cable of condolences to his brother His Excellency President Abdulfatah Al-Sisi of the Arab Republic of Egypt on the victims of the terrorist assault, targeted al-Rawda mosque on Friday in the town of Bir al-Abed which claimed lives of scores.

President Hadi confirmed that Republic of Yemen stands with Arab Republic of Egypt in fighting terrorists elements and countering extremist ideas and Yemen supports all measures the Republic of Egypt may take to maintain its stability and security.

President Hadi called on the International Security Council , UN and all world’s nations to act as one team, provide all necessary assistance to counter the radical terrorists and eliminate them and drain their finance resources.

President Hadi expressed heartfelt condolences in name of Yemeni government and people to the Egyptian President, government, peoples and families of the victims.


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