Over 10 militias killed in Serwah front.

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The National Army troops managed to repel an attack by the Houthi-Saleh militia on its position in Serwah district and achieved ground progress after violent confrontations lasted for hours in the same district eastern Sana’a.

Military sources told September Net that the army fighters managed last night to liberate the hilltop of Marthed mountain in coincidence with artillery bombardment targeted militias’ sites in Hilan.

In the same context, the militias tried to attack the locations of the army who managed to ward off the attack and forced the coupists to flee, controlling over fresh sites and inflicting the rebels at least 10 killed and dozens injured.

The sources confirmed that the field leader in the ranks of the militias known as Mohammed al-Qubatain was among those who were killed as a result of the army’s artillery shelling.



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