VP says Tehran supports terrorist groups

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Vice President Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen Saleh said that Tehran “is involved in supporting terrorist groups” and it is essential to designate its proxies of Houthi militias and Hezbolla party as terrorist groups.

Addressing the the inaugural meeting of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) Ministers of Defense Council in Riyadh on Sunday, Ali Mohsen said that “decisively winning the battle agains terrorism is on top of our priorities … and the battle has to be won in the intellectual, security, financial and military fields.”

“We have faced terrorism in all its sectarian forms, and we are still in an open battle with terrorists, al-Qaeda, ISIL and the Iranian terrorism represented several organizations on top of which is the Houthi terrorist militias,” he said.

Recalling the launch of the Decisive Storm military operation whichthe Saudi-led Arab Coalition launched in Yemen, he said: “After a severe suffering because of terrorism, President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi launched a call in 2015 to his Saudi and GCC and Arab League brethren to intervene to restore Yemen back from the hands of its hijackers.”

“Then came the help in response to the then serious conspiracy againstYemen, the Arabian Peninsula, the region and international peace and security.”

With Arab Coalition backing, he said, the government restored most of the country back from the rebels and dealt severe blows to al-Qaeda and its sisterly terror groups.

Ali Mohsen said “this meeting should add a boost to our battle against terrorism and should persuade the Iranian regime to stop supporting and financing terrorism.”


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