Saada: Nine militiamen killed, other wounded in clashes with Army Forces

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A field leader belonging to Houthi-Saleh militias was killed, together with eight of his companions in clashes with the National Army, early on Friday, northern Saada Province, according to the Head of Operations of the 63rd Brigade.

Colonel Adeeb al-Shehab told September Net that the insurgents’ leader “Ramzi Mohammed Amer”, nicknamed “Hamzah al-Saadi” and eight other militias were killed on Friday mornig while trying to carry out raid on the army-controlled strategic mountain of “Sabahtal”, north of the province.

He further spelt out that several more rebel militias were wounded, and the rest were pushed back by the army troops.

“The army forces manged to capture a great deal of medium and light weapons including RBJs and rockets from the rebel militias.”

Arab coalition aircraft launched a riad on a vehicle packed with many militias on their way to back their elements, led to destruction of the vehicle and killing of all militias on board, the source stated.



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