Scores of militias killed including 2 major leaders western Taiz

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Fierce battles renewed between the national army forces and Houthi-Saleh militias in the western parts of Taiz city, leaving a number of deaths including 2 field leaders.

Military source said to September Net, two major leaders in the ranks of the coup militias known as “Abu Gabriel” and “Fareed” were killed in clashes with the army forces in Althabab front western Taiz.

Local sources said that violent fighting erupted between the army forces and coup militias in Makbana front after the latter attempted to sneak into the positions of the army who warded off the attack and forced the coupists to flee after inflicted a number of deaths and injuries.

In parallel, the army forces launched an attack on militias’ gatherings in Hofash and Alakhlood areas, leaving many militiamen either killed or injured.

The coup militias stationed in Albaraqah mountain conducted artillery shells on residential villages of Hemiar area as retaliation for its losses on the ground.

Local sources said that four militia elements were injured due to landmine explosion, planted by them earlier, in AlQooz area south of Makbana.



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