Presidential statement: Everyone countering Houthi terror guerilla will be supported

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Yemen’s presidency has announced that “everyone countering the Houthi terror guerilla will be supported” in reference to the uprising in Sana’a by the former President Ali Saleh and his GPC party against the Houthi militias with whom they have been battling the government for three years.

President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi convened a meeting with his advisors in Riyadh on Tuesday on the events roiling the capital city as the Saleh-Houthi rift and clashes persist into the fourth day, and issued a statement.

The statement said that “we in cooperation with the Saudi-led Arab Coalition affirm the continuity of our efforts to support the Yemeni state and the restoration of the state institutions …such that everyone countering Houthi terror guerilla will be supported.”

It said: “The meeting also calls for opening a new chapter of relations with all the political parties based on the three locally, regionally and internationally recognized terms of reference. (A chapter) to form a broad national alliance that rises above the disputes of the past and unifies everyone in countering the Houthi rebel militias which constitute an arm for the Persian Iranian agenda in Yemen.”

“The meeting hails the serious uprising against the militias and calls all Yemeni people in the capital Sana’a and the other provinces to rise up to drive out the Iran-supported militias.”
The meeting also appreciated the Arab Coalition’s support to Yemen in getting rid of the sectarian militias.


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