PM: Federal State of six provinces will address everybody’s concerns

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Prime Minister Dr Ahmed Obeid Bin-Dagher attended huge public rally held in the interim capital Aden to celebrates the golden Jubilee of the National Day Independence, November 30th .

The prime minister gave a keynote speech in which he hailed the glorious occasion of National Day Independence, he said: ” November 30th had been and it is still a historic day in our history and life”.

Bin-Dagher reiterated that legal government will keep on efforts aimed to re-establish stability in Aden, nearby provinces and all provinces that have been recaptured from the rebellious militias”.

The prime minister blamed some local political forces for destabilizing Aden. ” We tell those who occupy Ministries and Public offices you are disturbing Aden security and stability and sowing sedition that troubles. Such irresponsible acts will never serve Aden and its population”.

Bin-Dagher defended the Federal State Proposal saying:” the proposition a federal Yemeni state of six provinces will be consensual and enjoys support by majority of Yemeni people, it will take into account to address the interests of all political constituencies”.

Referring to the latest escalations in Sana’a, the prime minister reiterated that the legal government will stands with everybody may stand against the Houthi. This is the stance of the political leadership and political parties and constituencies.


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