National Army takes control of Al-Khukha south of Hodiedah

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The National Army Forces took control of Al-Khukha coastal district, first Directorate of Hodiedah province after fierce clashes with Houthis militias on Thursday.

The recapture of Al-Khukha, about 115km south of Hudiedah, comes during a large-scale military operation conducted by the army, backed by coalition forces, with the aim of liberating entire western coast untill Hodiedah’s port from the Houthi insurgent militias.

Commander of western coastal Front, Abu Zara’h AlMohrami confirmed to September Net that the national military
seized control of Al-Khukha’s center following heavy fighting with rebel militias who suffered major breakdown among their ranks.

“We manged to kill a number of armed militias of Houthis, arrested many and captured agreat deal of weapons and ammunition”, he added.

AlMohrami stressed that the national army is determined to continue liberating the rest of Hodiedah’s districts


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