VP praises heroic battles have been fought against Iran-backed Houthi militia

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Vice President Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Ali Mohssen Saleh was briefed on the situations and military actions in the province of Al-Dhale’a.

The Minister of State Salah Assyadi reported to the Vice President about the latest developments related to the advancements realized by the government troops in the two fronts of Hamaq and Morais.

As he met with Assyadi on Tuesday, the Vice President heaped praise on the armed forces for their heroic battles they have been fighting against Iran-backed Houthi militia in Al-Dhale’a fronts and other front-lines battles throughout all provinces.

(Lt Gen) Mohssen also applauded significant contribution made by the population of Al-Dhale’a to the ongoing fighting against Houthi- rebellious militia.


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