Coalition raids bomb Houthi militias in Sana’a, Albaidah, Sa’ada

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The Saudi-led Arab coalition warplanes launched on Wednesday several airstrikes on positions, gatherings and reinforcements belonging to Houthi coup militias in Sana’a, Albaidah and Sa’ada.

Local sources told September Net that the coalition aircraft targeted gatherings and sites belonging to Houthi militias in the camps of Remat Hameed and Alsawad in the capital Sana’a, leaving a number of killed and injured in the ranks of millitias in addition to destroying severally vehicles.

As for Albaidah province, the coalition jets intensified its airstrikes on reinforcements and gatherings of Houthi militiamen in Alsawadiah district, leaving serious casualties among them.

In the same context, the Arab coalition aircraft raided militias positions, gatherings and reinforcements in Kataf, Razeh and Althaher districts of Sa’ada province, leaving a number of militias killed and wounded as well as destroying heavy weapons and vehicles.



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