Taiz… 30 Houthi rebels killed, Army liberates strategic hill in Makbana

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At least 30 Houthi coup militias were killed including field leaders in fierce fighting with national army forces in Makbana district western Taiz governorate on Wednesday.

Military sources told September Net that the army forces seized control of Alkhazan Hill after violent confrontations against Houthi militiamen, adding that the battles broke out after the coupists attempted to infiltrate into military postions of the army.

Colonel Hameed Alkholaidi confirmed that the battles resulted in fully liberating of Alkhazan hill and killing 30 militants including the two field leaders known as Abu Maran and Abu Alsadeq.

The coup militias retaliated for its ground losses by conducting artillery shells on residential villages of Albarkanah in the same district, leaving a number civilians wounded and serious damages to properties.



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