Taiz…Army forces bomb militias’ positions, inflicted them heavy losses.

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Fierce battles continued between the national army forces and Houthi coup militias in different warfronts of Taiz governorate on Friday.

Local sources said to September Net, the artillery forces of the army forces launched heavy shelling on positions and gatherings of Houthi coupists eastern Taiz, leaving a number of killed and injured in addition to destroying heavy weapons.

As for the western parts of Taiz, Violent clashes broke out between the army and the coup militias after the latter launched failed infiltration attempt towards the positions of the army in Albarkanah area, but were beaten and forced to flee

In the same context, the army launched today heavy artillary shelling on locations and gatherings belonging to the coupists in Alkhalwa hill, killing 3 militiamen and wounding many others.

Military sources told September Net that the army forces managed to ward off an infiltration attempt launched by Houthi militiamen towards their positions in Althabab area western Taiz, forcing them to flea after inflicted a number of deaths and injuries.

The source added, the Saudi-led Arab coaltion warplanes launched airstrikes today targeting militias’ vehicles in Makbana district.



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