Sana’a, ,, National Army pushing for Arhab, Houthi militias endangering civilians

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Violent battles have been taking place since the early morning of Monday between the national army forces on one hand and the Houthi militias on other hand, in Nihm district just outside the capital Sana’a.

Fighting have been raging in scattered areas mainly at the ones between the Nihm and Arhab districts, which the army forces advancing and pushing forward it, field sources told September Net.

The sources pointed out that the “Qatabeen” junction, in the same district, has become under the control of the army forces’ firearms, and that the fighting caused a sharp drop and collapse in morale of the coup militias.

Fighter jets of the Arab coalition targeted the rebels in al-Batnah and Muali areas in the said area destroying two military vehicles for them, according to the sources.

The Houthi militias, as always, have been endangering the lives of people in the mentioned district by using them as human shields, and hidding in their houses to avoid being bombed by the coalition aircraft that don’t bomb residential areas, local sources said.

This forced civilians and residents in the district to leave their homes, and caused terror and panic among women and children, espeacilly since the rebel militias began following their personal vehicles in a disguise, as well as parking their military equipment at local oil stations, crowded markets and streets in fear of getting attacked by air raid, putting civilians at high risk and death, local residents reported.



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