VP meets with commanders of military zones

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Vice President, Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Ali Mohssen Saleh chaired a meeting included Chief of Staff Maj. General Tahir Al-Aqaili, commanders of third, sixth and seventh military zones, adviser of the

Commander-in-Chief, Maj. General Ali Al-Maqadishi and governor of Al-Jawf province Maj. General Ameen Ali Al-Aoqaimi. Commanders of Saudi-led Arab Coalition, mainly from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates were in attendance.

The meeting aimed to discuss combat operations in different fronts, mainly in the aforementioned three military zones.

The Vice President stressed the importance of further increasing efforts to retake all regions which still under militia control.

(Lt Gen) Mohssen discussed with the military commanders several topics relating to troops’ concerns and needs. He gave instructions to address concerns the troops complaining about and to provide necessary requirements for battling Houthi terrorist militia.

The Chief of Staff and commanders of the military zones touched upon the ongoing front-lines battles and advancements have been made by the troops.


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