VP reviews military operations with presence of some commanders of Coalition Forces

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Vice President Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Deputy Commander-in- Chief, Ali Mohssen Saleh chaired a meeting brought together Chief of Staff, General Inspector of armed forces, Head of Logistic Support Unit and Director of Combat Operations Department. Advisor of the Commander-in-Chief, Maj. General Mohammed Ali Al-Maqdashi, representatives of Coalition Forces, Brigadier General Ali bin Sayer Al-Anazi and Brigadier General Saud Salim Assobai’ee were in attendance.

The meeting devoted to discuss the developments in the field battles and combat operations in different fronts around the country.

The Vice President heard reports about the situations in the field-battles and military plans for the troops advancements and combat operations.

(Lt Gen) Mohssen urged redoubling efforts in order to re-establish security and stability.

The Vice President praised sincere positions by Saudi-led Coalition in supporting legal leadership against Iran-backed Houthi-Imamate militia.



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