Houthis blow up new Mosque, homes in northern Taiz

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The Houthi rebel militias stormed Wednesday two villages and blew up a Mosque and several residential houses in Al-Hayemah region in Taizi Directorate, northern Taiz province.

The insurgent militias broke into the villages of “Dar Al-Jalal” and Al-Hada'” from eight wing sides, bombing a worship building and the houses of Sheikh “Abdullah Hazaa” and the citizen “Motee Ahmed Damaj”, local residents told September Net.

Following this the Houthi militias continue their terrorist practices and violations booby-trapping more houses in willingness to setting them off, they added.

For more than weak the rebels have been shelling randomly and besieging “Al-Hayemah”, leaving many civilian casualties and causing a massive displacements among families.



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