Intensive airstrikes on Houthi militias in Serwah, as fighting renewed

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Arab coalition fighters carried out Tuesday several raids targeted positions and militants belonging to the Houthi coup militias in Serwah front, west of Marib governorate.

Field sources told “September Net” that The aircraft launched two airstrikes on the rebels sites, gathering and equipment behind the “Al-Hamajerah” hills in the said district, which left tens of killed and injured among Houthi insurgent, and destroyed machines and supplies.

Following the the coalition bombing the coup militias took its killed and wounded to some of the farms near the the battlefields via motorcycles, the sources added.

Meanwhile, the army forces have manged to make significant progress against the coupists in the same front that is witnessing raged fighting between the army troops and the the Iranian-backed militias, who retreated and fled from the battlefields, according to the sources.



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