Al-Jawf,,, National Army begins operation against militias in Khab Alsha’af, liberates new areas

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The National Armed forces started on Thursday a wide-scale military operation in Al-Jawf province to retake the rest of positions controlled by the Houthi coup militias in Khab Alsha’af district.

The army troops have achieved significant advancements during the offensive, regaining control of strategic areas from the insurgents in the said district.

September Net reporter quoted a military source saying that the national military has scored a new progress today, Thursday, pushing backwards the militias 17 kilometers, pointing out that they have manged to retake control of two areas, ‘Khl Al-Bermil’ and Almara Al-Sawdaa’ in Khab Alsha’af district, after heavy battles with the militias.

The battles left many killed and wounded in the the ranks of the rebel militias, while the rest elements fled the battlefields toward ‘Yatamah’ region, the source stated.

Meanwhile, Arab Coalition aircraft covered the army during the operation bombing gathering and sites for militias, and destroyed a platform for launching rockets, the source added.



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