At least 80 Houthi militias killed,15 captured southern Hodiedah

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At least 95 Houthi coup militias were killed and arrested in addition to tens others injured after they attempts to attack the positions of the national army in Alkhukha district southern Alhodeidah province on Thursday evening.

September Net reporter said that fierce battles erupted after the coup militias stationed in Hees district launched an attack against army’s position eastern Alkhukha district, but were forced to flee after suffered major losses.

In parallel, the Saudi-led Arab coaltion warplanes launched several airstrikes targeted positions, gatherings and reinforcements belonging to the coupists in the same district.

The battles and the air raids resulted in killing 80 militants including the field leader known as “Khaled Almahdali”, arresting 15 others, tens injuries and destroying large quantity of weapons and eight vehicles, September Net reporter added.



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