Army troops take control of strategic areas, captured 25 militiamen in Al-Jawf

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The national army forces managed to retake control of Alytamah area north-east Al-Jawf province after fierce clashes with Houthi coup militias on Saturday.

Chief of military operations in 6th military region Brigadier General Taha Shamsan told September Net that the army forces launched fierce attack against Houthi coup militias in Khab Alsha’af district, liberating the Alytamah area, the center of the district, and arresting 25 armed member of the coup militias.

In parallel, the Saudi-led Arab coalition aircraft launched airstrikes today targeting several positions and gatherings belonging to the coupists in the same district, leaving many killed and wounded in the ranks of the coupists.

Notably, the national armed forces started on Thursday a wide-scale military operation in the province to retake the rest of positions controlled by the Houthi coup militias in Khab Alsha’af district.



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