Army forces regain control of key mountain north of Lahjj province

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National Army forces, backed by Popular Resistance fighters, on Sunday retook control over the strategically important ‘Al Qarn’ mountain, northern Lahjj province, south of the country.

The National Army carried out a qualitative attack on positions of putschists Houthi militia at AL Qarn mountain located in Tor Albaha’ district, Lahjj, and manged to drive the militias out of it, field source told September Net.

The source added that Houthi insurgent militia inflicted deaths and injuries during the battles, while the rest elements retreated and fled the area.

Spokesman of 4th Military Zone, Captain Mohammed al-Naqeep confirmed to September Net that the national army had successfully liberated Al Qarn mountain, stating that “it is a very significant mountain because it overlooks a number of areas in Tor Albaha, and it is a command-and-control site in the military operations scene.”



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