NA liberates the international line, captures 52 elements of the Houthi militias in Al-Jawf

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The National Army forces on Sunday fully liberated the most important line -the international line- linking al-Yatma area northeast of Al-Jawf with al-Buqa district north of Saada province from the clutches of the Houthi coup militia, military sources told September Net.

The source added that the army forces managed to captured 52 armed members of the rebels and seized quantities of medium and heavy weapons including five military vehicles.

This came after the National Army fighters backed by the Arab coalition jets engaged in heavy confrontations with the Houthi militias, inflicted them heavy casualties in life and equipment.

Meanwhile, the warplanes of the Arab coalition launched three raids targeted positions and gatherings belonging to the Houthi coup militia in Al-labah, al-lhaiga areas western al-Jawf province, leaving dozens of deaths and injuries among the militias .



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