President Hadi praises advancements by military and local fighters in Taiz fronts.

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President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, Commander-in-Chief, conducted a telephone call with the commander of the Fourth Military Zone, Maj.General Fadhel Hassan.

The President hailed the significant advancements have gained by the government’s troops and local resistance fighters in the two fronts-lines battles of Toor Al-Baha and Qabita of Luhj province and Haifan district of Taiz province against Houthi-putschist militia.

President Hadi said:” These victories which have been gained in front-lines battles in different provinces come within the predetermined plan aimed to drive militiamen out of all provinces and save the nation from the atrocities and violations committed by the militia against the Yemeni people”.

The President added:” Heroes of armed forces and local resistance fighters have foiled the schemes of Iran-backed Houthi militia that dream of taking control over the homeland with brute force and bring the country back into Pre-26 September Revolution ages, restoring the imamate abhorring ruling that produced illiteracy, poverty and diseases “.

The President greatly appreciated support by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces and the United Arab Emirates.


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