PM meets with governor of Luhj, commander of Navy Forces

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Prime Minister Dr Ahmed Obeid Bin-Dagher met in Aden, on Tuesday with governor of Luhj province Maj. General Ahmed Abdullah Atturki.

The meeting focused on the situations in Luhj province and the need for improving basic services in the province, particularly electricity, water, roads and some more services projects.

The prime minister made clear that all basic services will be remarkably improved this year.

The governor asserted that local authority leadership in the province are going to line up behind the political leadership.

The prime minister also met separately with the commander of the navy forces Maj. General Abdullah Salim Annakha’ae.

The meeting dealt with the latest developments relating to coastline battles have been fought by armed forces backed by Saudi-led Coalition.

General Annakha’ae detailed the prime minister on the most important requirements that should be made available for the navy forces so that they can do their job effectively in defending and protecting the Yemeni waters.


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