Baydah,, National Army regains key site, dozens of Houthi bodies remain scattered in Natea

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The people of Natea district in the central province al-Baydah have made an appeal to the Red Crescent to speedily collect the bodies of Houthi militia being for days scattered in mountains and Wadis, where battles took place.

Local sources told September Net that a number of dead militias, killed in clashes with the army while liberating the said district, have been dumped and decomposed in several mountainous sites of the region of ‘Hathiyah’ and Moqatea’.

“Hospitals of Beihan district, Shabwah, have been completely full with dozens of bodies belonging to the putschists militia,” military official stated to September Net.

Meanwhile on the ground, the national army forces, in attack on Tuesday, manged to regain control of a strategic key mountain, Al-Ghool, after violent fighting with the Houthi rebel militia.

Fighting resulted in killing and wounding many rebel militants, pointing out that the army troops manged to recapture a great deal of heavy and medium weapons, as well as a combat vehicle, according to the military source.

Arab Coalition fighters destroyed Monday night a number of positions belonging to Houthi militia in Noaman district, resulted in deaths and injuries among them, as well as destroyed machines and weapons.



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